National Content Standards
for Entrepreneurship Education

Preparing Youth and Adults to
Succeed in an Entrepreneurial Economy
Accelerating Entrepreneurship Everywhere

This Toolkit for the National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education is designed to give you the standards and Performance Indicators framework necessary for developing curriculum for entrepreneurship programs as a lifelong learning process.

Along with the standards, the Toolkit contains background information on Entrepreneurship Education and the Lifelong Learning Model for Entrepreneurship Education, sample applications of the standards, and information about the research used to develop the standards.

We asked entrepreneurs throughout the United States to tell us "what they do as an entrepreneur and what they needed to know to do it." The result was three interlocking curriculum areas that are the gears that will keep our entrepreneurial culture strong and our economy moving forward into the future.

We hope you will find the Standards and supporting materials beneficial as you design your entrepreneurship education program to serve the needs of your clients and your community.


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