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Kenneth Proudfoot, Director
c/o Rhode Island MicroEnterprise Association, Inc.
645 Elmwood Avenue
Providence, RI 02907
Email: kproudfoot2003@yahoo.com

Focus: Equipping high school students with a set of portable entrepreneurial skills
Abstract: The Youth Entrepreneurship Program is designed to teach students to become more independent and self-supporting by teaching them to:

  • Learn how to think and make critical thinking decisions
  • Learn observational skills
  • Create and write a dream list and develop a short and long-term plan for their lives
  • Learn how to become better communicators
  • Learn how to write a business plan
  • Learn how to market a product and/or service
  • Learn how to become financially independent

The Rhode Island Youth Entrepreneurship Program is an educational community outreach initiative of the Rhode Island MicroEnterprise Association, Inc.

This program is designed to invigorate and motivate students in 9-12 grades to dream, pursue and take action on achieving greater goals in their lives. The program began in a single high school in 2002. Today, the program is offered statewide at 15 high schools that encompass both inner-city and urban settings. This program offers a 21-week program, at no cost to the schools. Each program is embedded in an existing business class and is delivered each week in partnership with the high school classroom teacher. All of the students and teachers gather at an annual Youth Entrepreneurship Day event (April 12, 2005). There are 20 high schools currently on the program's waiting list. The goal is to deliver this dynamic interactive program at all 70 of Rhode Island's public and private high schools.

In the meantime, the Association has begun efforts to introduce this program to students in the middle and elementary schools of the state. A pilot program for the elementary schools will commence in January 2005.

This program is funded entirely by private contributions. There are no local, state or federal funds provided for the implementation of this educational program.

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