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Executive Director Update
July 20, 2014

To the Members and Friends of the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education:

Begin planning NOW to attend the Entrepreneurship Education Forum in Cincinnati, Ohio October 10 -13, 2014. The consortium is partnering with the MBA Research and Curriculum Center and their annual conference, the Conclave. For those unfamiliar with MBA Research, they, like us, are a consortium of states, combining resources to produce curriculum materials, offer teacher training and develop new programming in the areas of marketing, business, finance, hospitality and entrepreneurship. Their constituency consists of high school teachers and administrators. I think you can see why combining our resources, contacts and audiences for a larger combined conference makes so much sense.

 As you navigate through the website to the registration procedure, the session descriptions etc., I think you will observe two things. First, you will see the branding of both organizations and you will see a great line-up of sessions that tell an entrepreneurship education story. I worked closely with Dr. Jim Gleason, President/CEO of MBA Research to recruit keynote sessions, concurrent sessions, Quick Stops and Deep Think sessions to make sure the program has a strong entrepreneurship education flavor. As you look through them, I think you will agree. It’s a great program.

As the consortium moves into our 4th decade (32 years) and has had a change of leadership, the Executive Committee and I believe this year should be a year of reexamination. All organizations need, from time to time, to examine their core values, their direction, their mission and their branding. The Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education will be doing this and I am using the Forum as an opportunity to give all of you a chance to have a voice in a reinvention of the consortium.

The Caffeine with Gene session early Saturday morning will be a chance for me to buy you a cup of coffee, introduce myself and have an open discussion with you of the value the consortium brings to you personally. I will have a few questions to get the discussion started, but it will be very informal and will go where you take it. In the program are Deep Think Roundtables that will be 90 minute focus group-type sessions with a professional facilitator to lead them. I invite you participate.

Please, begin your planning now and make this conference a priority. Not only will it provide wonderful professional development and networking, but you will have chance to affect the future of the consortium like never before. Come and be a part of this landmark Forum. Register now.



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