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See the map to find out which counties fall into the America’s Entrepreneurial Schools region funded by the ARC POWER Grant, The Benedum Foundation and ARC regional grants.

Webster County, WV

Mingo County, WV

Pike County, KY

Clay County, WV

McDowell County, WV

Lee County, VA

Wise County, VA

Dickenson County, VA

City of Norton, VA

Bell County, KY

Harlan County, KY

Letcher County, KY

Knox County, KY

Campbell County, TN

Knott County, KY

Leslie County, KY

Perry County, KY

Breathitt County, KY

Pike County, KY

Magofin County, KY

Martin County, KY

Meigs County, OH

Jackson County, OH

Jackson County, OH

Vinton County, OH

Arnoldsburg Elementary School

Calhoun-Gilmer High School

Gilmer County High School

Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center

Hamlin PK - 8

West Hamlin Elementary

Lincoln County High School

Guyan Valley Middle School

Pleasant Hill Elementary

Cranberry-Prosperity Elementary

Mary B. Austin Elementary

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***Specific schools listed on the map participated in the pilot program and were funded through an ARC regional grant or are self-funded. These schools still continue to be America’s Entrepreneurial Schools.



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