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Your generous donation allows The Consortium to continue providing excellent opportunities for students, teachers and schools.  Your contribution can provide student materials, teacher professional development, teacher sponsorships and so much more!  Donation monies are used to directly impact students, teachers and schools using money for things such as:

  • The Roadmap to Entrepreneurship software for a classroom
  • Teacher professional development to help him/her implement entrepreneurship in the classroom
  • Opportunities for teachers to shadow entrepreneurs or bring them into the classroom.
  • Opportunities for students to attend entrepreneurship summer camp or after school programs.
  • Teacher development of an entrepreneurship after school program.
  • Opportunities to take students to entrepreneruship competitions.
  • Teacher development of a “Shark Tank” type community event.
  • The opportunity for a great entrepreneur to speak to teachers at FORUM.
  • Opportunities for teachers to attend and present at FORUM.
  • Student awards for entrepreneurship presentations/videos
  • Funding to provide more advanced resources to the teacher site along with honoring top teacher contributors.
  • Honoring teachers with special events at the FORUM.
  • Opportunities to recognize schools earning the America’s Entrepreneurial Schools Designation.
  • Opportunities to help with funding for schools and teachers participating in America’s Entrepreneurial Schools Intiative.
  • And, So Much More!!!

Additionally, as a donor, you will be held in high regard and showcased for your generous award on this website and in our monthly newsletter.

Funding to bring together principals who have achieved America’s Entrepreneurial School status as a think tank to enhance education
Funding to bring together principals who are considering leading their schools toward America’s Entrepreneurial School status in the coming year for training and planning
Funding to bring together teachers from schools that are entering their first year as they advance toward America’s Entrepreneurial School status for training and planning
Funding for the Entrepreneurship Educator National Hall of Fame award
Funding for the Entrepreneurship Education Advocate and Leadership award
Funding for enhancing the resources available on the Entre-Ed.com website
Funding for creating videos for the Entrepreneurship Education YouTube channel
Funding for rewarding the most creative blogger on the Entrepreneurship Education blog each quarter

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