EntreEd champions entrepreneurship education and provides advocacy, leadership, networking, technical assistance, and resources nationally across all levels and disciplines of education, promoting quality practices and programs.

The National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education

The Consortium Accomplishes Our Mission By:

  • Promoting the incorporation of entrepreneurship education across all levels of education and community – based programs, especially the entirety of the K-12 system, through infusion within existing courses and by the support of separate courses and programs developed in entrepreneurship.
  • Encouraging participation of partnerships with business, industry, agency and trade associations, and bringing together diverse groups within the consortium whose interests foster economic development through entrepreneurship education.
  • Encouraging teacher education institutions and accrediting groups to incorporate competencies of entrepreneurship into teacher training curricula.
  • Sharing with consortium members the educational activities, programs and strategies being implemented to incorporate entrepreneurial concepts into the instructional and guidance service activities.
  • Providing a focal point for the planning, organizing and promoting of entrepreneurship education efforts.

Entre-Ed is an organization recognized as the national leader in advocating entrepreneurship education as a lifelong learning process.

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