Growing up, no one ever told me that Entrepreneurship was an option.  In fact, many, many career counselors, parents, friends, etc. presented the opposite.  It was made crystal clear – get a degree, get a job. NO ONE EVER, NOT EVEN ONCE, MENTIONED ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Jobs are a validation of a skill.  You will sit behind a desk for forty years, and wait for praise or condemnation from your BOSS.  Good days are when you receive appreciation, bad days…well, you know about those.


Everyone thinks he knows better.

You deserve what you get yourself!

Instead, try this on for size:

If you have a skill, do it!  Don’t wait for validation, validate yourself by becoming self-reliant!  Did you hear that?  SELF-RELIANT!!!  Honey bear, ain’t no loyalty out there, and no real security anymore.  You can be fired, laid off, or asked to leave quietly (hehe).  If your self-worth is wrapped up in your career, this could be devastating.  If your self-worth is wrapped up in what you are great at doing, you can move on much easier.

The new economy is here baby!  With inflation, salaries have grown slowly.  Will you sell your soul for 50k per year?  What are you worth on the free market?  Think about it.  No, really stop and think about it.  If someone had to hire you to do what you do best, what would it cost?  Probably much, much more than you even realize.  Google it, you’ll see.

But, you say, I must make money.  Yes, I get that.  Believe me, I get that and I am a victim of that myself.  I have put a lot of my ideas on the back burner to focus on the boring task at hand that made a buck, because, I have to put food on the table.  This is NOT to be discounted and is a HUGE concern, so you must evaluate, prioritize and figure out your exit strategy.  The exit strategy figuring out, well that is a post for another day.


What is the Value of a Degree?:

No offense to the baby boomers out there, but as a child of two of them, the only criteria for success was a college education, and ANY degree would do.  In fairness, as baby boomers came of age, all they needed was a degree – any degree.  Most didn’t even use their degree in their jobs or found jobs far removed from their field, but the degree mattered to employers.  Back then, you could get a liberal arts degree and get a great job where you would plant your butt for 30 -40 years in hopes of a nice pension and health benefits.  Those boomers are finding out now about company loyalty as their retirement contracts are sub-par and health benefits are dwindling.

A degree does not mean what it used to.  40 years ago, a degree, in ANY field, meant you had the capacity to learn and follow the rules, so, you were hired.  Today, specialized degrees still matter, but liberal arts???  Not so much.  So, if you want to be a teacher, you probably need to get a degree, if you want to be a physicist, you probably have to take a class or two in compressible fluid dynamics, but if you want to be an entrepreneur… Just be one!!!

The advice, from an almost 40-year-old broad to you young folks out there is this…I wish beyond wishes that someone had told me that I could make it on my own when I was wet behind the ears and had the whole world in my hands.

It is easier than ever to make it on your own these days.  It is only a matter of how you get started.  If you have a job now, and depend on the salary, keep going, but spend 5 or more minutes a day working towards your dream.  Five minutes X 365 =  A LOT.

Toi is a Regional Coordinator for Entre-Ed and a regular contributor to the site.

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