Chad Rieflin

Chad also serves as the Director of Education at Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Rochester, Inc.

Doris Lux

Past President
Doris also serves as the Director of the E-Ship Center at Central Community College.

Karissa Poszywak

Karissa also serves as the Assistant Principal at Oak Glen Middle School in New Cumberland, WV.

James Gleason


Gail McDougal

Vice President
Gail also serves as the Marketing and Entrepreneurship Director for North Carolina Public Schools.

Delores P. Ali

Past President
Delores also serves as Section Chief of Curriculum for the NC Department of Public Instruction.

Deanna Canterbury-Penn


Dr. Gene Coulson

Executive Director
Gene serves as the Consortium’s Executive Director.

Horace Robertson

Horace serves as the Secretary-Treasurer for The National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education.

Cheryl Peters

Cheryl also serves as the Generation E Institute Executive Director.

Dr. Amanda Jones


Amanda is also the Principal at Mary B. Austin Elementary in Mobile, Alabama.

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