Great Organizations Offering Additional Resources

MBA Research offers learning modules and curriculum resources for teachers and students.  Many resources are completely free for teachers.

Real World Scholars is a non-profit organization dedicated to partnering with teachers to harness business as a force for learning.

The SEED SPOT Schools program provides the entrepreneurship opportunity for schools to leverage the award winning curriculum of SEED SPOT, a globally ranked social impact incubator, to train the next generation of innovators.

The Delaware Financial Literacy Institute helps individuals become equipped with the tools for financial health and freedom.

Eship offers great free resources for teachers.  To access them, please contact and send your name, grade and school.

E-Discovery is a curriculum-based initiative designed to teach entrepreneurial skills and business development in the classroom.

Lemonade Day is Empowering Today’s Youth to Become Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs.

Everyone has great ideas, creative solutions and the determination to make them happen. Generation E helps youth and adults achieve their dreams!

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