Dear High School and Community College Teachers:

“Turning Risk into Success (TRIS): An Entrepreneurship Program for Teenagers and Young Adults” is a course consisting of 26 lessons that shows teenagers how to start their own business. This course helps teens create a business based on something they are passionate about. The business can be a commercial enterprise or a social enterprise. The lessons were created by Dr. Curtis L. DeBerg, an award-winning university professor. After taking the course, students are eligible to participate in a SAGE Regional or National Tournament. The course can only be taught by TRIS-Certified Master Teachers. To become a Certified Master Teacher, you must attend an intensive workshop.

Students can purchase individual lessons on this website for only $5 per lesson. Students completing the course will receive a Certificate of Completion from California State University, Chico’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

A school and teacher can also buy the license for the course. The license includes a hard-copy, color teacher’s manual and on-line access to all the lessons, including PPT presentations and relevant, exciting videos accompanying each lesson. Also included is an assessment exam to be administered at the end of the course.  Learn More. To register, complete the Registration Form here.


Curtis L. DeBerg, CPA



California State University, Chico


Author: Turning Risk into Success

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