The National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (EntreEd) presents an immersive digital course for K-12 educators to gain an understanding of entrepreneurship education, best practices for aligning entrepreneurship in their classroom, and insights into EntreEd's America's Entrepreneurial Schools initiative.

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"Most enjoyable PD as it was relative with a twist... something new, but again relative. I especially enjoyed the neuroscience research points, and the Elements of an Entrepreneurial Mindset... to me, learning to speak the language of application was a great achievement."

"It's refreshing to see that there are people doing more than thinking about preparing ourselves and youth for the future but also taking action. I feel a strong sense of solidarity with all of you here."

"I thought this was one of the most successful PD opportunities I have experienced. It helped take a concept that all adults understand but then tweaking it for the educational arena. In my rural community there are tons of entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, and the ideas in this PD will be a valuable addition to my curriculum and for the future entrepreneurs I teach."

"This course was very helpful in explaining how to translate these ideas to our kids. A lot of information and helpful resources to use in the future!"

"Before doing this training it was applying the concept of entrepreneurship being a space to create a business. Now that I understand it more as being the pursuit of an opportunity it has given me many ideas within my curriculum, entrepreneurship being one of them, to start jumping those hurdles."

"So as an educator we are entrepreneurs. WOW!! I never thought of it that way."

"So thankful for you all. I have truly been inspired as a born entrepreneurship spirit."

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