EntreEd champions entrepreneurship education, cultivating students for a prosperous future. Through leadership, professional development, advocacy, and networking, EntreEd curates educational practices and programs that forge entrepreneurial capabilities in all students.

EntreEd's Role in the Entrepreneurship Education Landscape:

  • National leader in advocating entrepreneurship education as a lifelong learning process.

  • Founding organization partner of National Entrepreneurship Week, the third week of February annually.

  • Developer of the National Standards for Entrepreneurship Education.

  • Creator of America’s Entrepreneurial Schools national designation for K-12 entrepreneurship.

  • Provider of innovative, hands-on teacher professional development.

  • Community of entrepreneurship educators via our AES membership model.

  • Annual EntreEd   Forum organizer for national networking and training opportunities for educators.




Education for

40 Years 

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about EntreEd's history

What We Do:

  • Promote the incorporation of entrepreneurship education across all levels of education and community-based programs, especially the entirety of the K-12 system,

  • Infuse entrepreneurship in existing academic courses and support separate courses and programs developed in entrepreneurship.

  • Encourage participation of partnerships with business, industry, agency and trade associations to bring together diverse groups whose interests foster economic development through entrepreneurship education.

  • Encourage teacher education institutions and accrediting groups to incorporate competencies of entrepreneurship into teacher training curricula.

  • Share educational activities, programs and strategies being implemented to incorporate entrepreneurial concepts into the instructional and guidance service activities.

  • Provide a focal point for the planning, organizing and promoting of entrepreneurship education efforts.

Our Value Proposition:

As the future of work continues to evolve, EntreEd instills entrepreneurial mindsets in every student, every year to forge a more entrepreneurial America. With these mindsets, students will be competitive in a global economy and create a more prosperous future for themselves and local communities.

Our Goals:

  • Encourage new lifetime careers. 

  • Enhance local jobs. 

  • Enrich academic learning by providing real world examples. 

  • Encourage creative thinking. 

  • Energize communities.

  • Enable adults with an opportunity to return to their home communities.

  • Engage all students, even if they never start a business.

Non-Discrimination/Equity Policy

It is the policy of the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (EntreEd), as executed via its work, communications, programs,  leadership development, and all other activities and policies, such that the Consortium:

  • recognizes and values individuals and individual preferences, values, and backgrounds of all individuals in any way associated with the organization.


  • functions in ways that are non-discriminatory and inclusive on the basis of such variables as race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, geographic origin, socioeconomic status, education, disability, marital status, or military status.      


Dr. Gene Coulson

Executive Director, The Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education

“In this age of educational accountability through standards and assessments with only one right answer and success measured by test scores, we need to keep young minds open for alternative ways of thinking…teach students not to get a job, but create one.”