The America's Entrepreneurial Schools (AES) Initiative is a program designed to recognize K-12 schools that have provided entrepreneurship education to every student, every year. To earn the designation, schools must provide an entrepreneurship experience to every student in a school building in a given year. Schools may earn this designation on their own, or with the support of the EntreEd team via structured professional development and additional support. 


Entrepreneurship education is not "one more thing" for our teachers - it can be done in any classroom setting seamlessly. We empower educators to shift their teaching strategies to further promote creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills within their students.  


America’s Entrepreneurial Schools foster innovation and encourage a culture of self-startership.  How you choose to deliver entrepreneurial programming is up to each school. As long as every student receives entrepreneurship education, we encourage flexibility and creativity in how it happens. The program is designed to work with existing student lessons and add the context of entrepreneurship lessons. For example, an English teacher may have students write an advertisement or press release for a new business idea. The schools and teachers are recognized for their commitment to entrepreneurship education when they become a part of the AES program.  

The AES Program:

  • Empowers schools to provide entrepreneurship to Every Student, Every Year.

  • Emphasizes engaging all students, even if they never start a business.

  • Allows students to recognize diverse future career opportunities.

  • Instills entrepreneurial mindsets in students to diversify career pathways.

  • Forges a more entrepreneurial America by upskilling the workforce of tomorrow.

  • Encourages educators to integrate entrepreneurial content and context into the delivery of required standards in any subject or grade level.

  • Shifts culture, NOT curriculum.

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Requirements/Components of Earning AES:

  • All students in the school were involved and experienced and gained an understanding of entrepreneurial concepts and methods.

  • The institution applying is an elementary, middle, or high school in the United States serving

  • K-12 students.

  • The school submits the online AES designation form with all fields filled out correctly and completely.

  • Schools must complete all requirements annually and reapply each school year if they wish to maintain their AES status.

Contact Toi Hershman, Director of Programming to learn more about AES, pricing, and to schedule a training for your school. 



Listen to first hand accounts from our rock star entrepreneurial educators to hear how they have used entrepreneurship in their classrooms through the America's Entrepreneurial Schools initiative.

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