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Who are we looking for?

We're looking for a diverse group of entrepreneurial educators willing to share their story.


Entrepreneurship doesn't come in any one shape or size, and neither do the speakers of the EntreEd Forum. We're looking for a diverse group of educators to share the innovative things they're doing with entrepreneurship in the education space. This year, we're integrating three breakout tracks based on our Three E's of Entrepreneurship Education. If your idea fits broadly within this spectrum - we're looking for you!

I'd love to share my expertise! How do I apply?

Tell us your story of entrepreneurship education. 

We're looking for the storytellers and the doers out there working hard to implement entrepreneurship education in the classroom. We're offering two speaking options: keynote and breakout. Keynotes should highlight the importance of entrepreneurship education and provide a motivational and inspiring story of its impact on students. Breakout sessions should build in practical takeaways to support the implementation of entrepreneurship education in the classroom. Submit your proposal by  for consideration and notification by   .Click here to download a copy of the proposal to help you prepare in advance!